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Will Federer’s reign have any successor?

Will Federer’s reign have any successor?
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The oldest of what is being termed Tennis’ triumvirate – Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic - has announced his retirement. This came soon after the US Open was won by a 19-year-old Carlos Alcaraz, who is also the new World No. 1, signaling the old making way for the new. Nadal, and Djokovic, who are younger than Federer are also ageing stars, and a testimony to how long Federer’s reign has lasted, which spanning 24 years and 20 Grand Slams, represents a throne that might never have a successor. Moreover, while Federer’s exit from tennis may be imminent, with the Laver Cup being his final ATP event, Federer’s name will be around in the world of tennis past his career thanks to a string of unbeaten records.

 While capable of all styles of play, Federer represented the tennis of the previous era, which focused on technical strokes rather than powerful strides. With the current crop of tennis players increasingly resembling bodybuilders, and gymnasts, Federer’s lithe frame in comparison has always been an outlier. Experts have described Federer’s genius in various ways, but most remarkable perhaps was his ability to understand how to cover ground on court. With a deep understanding of the geometry of the game, Federer never needed to take any extra step or effort to reach for his shots, which lent his game it’s trademark serene and unhurried approach.

 Federer’s efficient footwork has also spawned a generation of players who would attempt to recreate the technique that combined a minimal number of strides with nimble steps. His signature backhand has also won fame over the years, with his fluid movements almost resembling a ballet routine to onlookers. However, the most well-known Federer trait was his never-say-die attitude. When pushed to score crucial points he was unafraid of risky shots involving balls in the margins, aces and drop shots. His ability to survive adversity even had him ranked as the second most trusted man on Earth, second only to Nelson Mandela. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Bono were all behind him.

 Off court too, Federer earned distinction for his conduct with rivals, staff, and administrators. A family man, who always travelled on tour with his wife, and twins, he represented the best of all standards – as a player, and a gentleman. While Federer may not have the highest number of Grand Slam titles of all time, his achievements represent a standard that will be hard to beat.

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