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TGL - Woods and McIlroy unveil golf’s next generationtech-centric league

TGL - Woods and McIlroy unveil golf’s next generationtech-centric league
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Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and ex-president of the Golf Channel Mike McCarley, have unveiled a new technology-centric golf league. The new league – TGL – will be launched by TMRW sports , which has been founded jointly by the three.

It will feature six three-man-teams, composed of PGA tour players, who will compete in events combining virtual technology, in a custom-made venue, including a green complex.

 The league has been in the works for two years and intends to allow PGA players display a different aspect of their golfing abilities, according to architect McIlroy.Scheduled to kick-off in 2024, it will have 15 matches in its regular season, followed by matches between the top four teams in the postseason.

 While the location of the venue remains unknown, it has been revealed that the playing area will roughly occupy three-quarters of a football field, in size. More interestingly, it will include a movable green complex that can be modified according to a specific hole. Viewers will also have access to a screen that will display data such as ShotLink and shot-tracking, and the venue will also include stadium style seating.

 Overall, events will complement the Tour, and might be held at courses corresponding to wherever the the circuit is in a particular week. While, details of the TGL are yet to be made public, fans are eager to experience what promises to be a new golfing experience.

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