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Rafa’squiet victory at the US Open 2022

Rafa’squiet victory at the US Open 2022
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While Rafael Nadal has not won the US Open 2022, his influence on the finals is wide reaching and unmistakable. The finalists IgaSwiatek, Carlos Alcaraz, Martin Landaluce, Casper Ruud, Martin de la Puente, and Alexandra Eala all bear a connection to the Spanish legend. Known for his passion and grit, he has been instilling the same virtues into the students of his tennis academy at Mallorca.


The US Open girls’ champion, Alexandra Eala, who is also the first player from the Philippines to win the title, is a student of this academy, as is the US Open boys’ champion, Martin Landaluce. Both winners have remarked on the impact of Nadal on the academy, where he is the role model for all. In the division of wheelchair tennis, the winner of the US Open men’s doubles crown, Martin de la Puente, who also hails from Spain, has credited Nadal for being his inspiration too.


Among other young stars from the Rafa Nadal Academy is the 29-year-old Casper Ruud, who has already won 9 titles. Currently World No. 2, he was runner up at both the US and French Opens this year. Meanwhile, the winner of the US Open men’s singles crown, Carlos Alcaraz, while not a student of the academy, has drawn similarities to the Spanish legend due to similarity in style of play.The winner of the women’s singles division IgaSwiatek has also proclaimed herself to be a follower of Nadal and is inspired by his ability to conquer difficult situations.

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