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The best women’s doubles pairs of 2022

The best women’s doubles pairs of 2022
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As the year rolls to its end, here’s a look at the best badminton doubles partners in 2022:

 1) Jeong Na-eun and Kim Hye-jeong: The duo from South Korea ranked top at the World Tour Finals table,and won the BWF Super 750 Japan Open, and BWF Super 500 Korea Open. However, they also lost five semifinals including the All-England Open and Malaysian Open.

 2) Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifen: The duo won four titles in 2022 including the BWF 750 Denmark Open, the BWF 500 Indonesia Open, the BWF 500 Malaysian Open, and the BWF 300 Australian Open. The pair were also successful in winning every final they qualified to.

 3) BenyapaAimsaard and NuntakarnAimsaard: The pair from Thailand qualified to the finals of 5 events, of which they won three (including the BWF 500 India open, the BWF 300 Hylo Open and the BWF 100 Vietnam Open) and lost two, in Korea and the Australian Open.

 4) ApriyaniRahayu and Ramadhanti: Rahayu is a badminton legend and won gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with Greysia Polli. The Indonesian duo also won the BWF Super 750 Malaysia Open and the BWF Super 500 Singapore Open, while losing in the finals of the Indonesia Open.


5) Pearly Tan and Thinaah Muralitharan: The pair recently won the BWF Super 750 French Open, and gold at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. They lost in the semifinals of the Indonesia Open, Thailand and Malaysia Masters.

 6) Zhang Shuxian and Zheng Yu: The Chinese dup had an unimpressive year after losing in the finals thrice and winning once at the BWF Super 300 Australian Open. Yu is known to be a veteran and the pair is a crowd-favourite for winning the BWF World Tour finals.

 7) Gayatri Gopichand and Treesa Jolly: Filling in for the void left behind by Ashwini and Sikki, the Indian duo qualified to the semi-finals of the All England Open and achieved an all-time best BWF ranking of 19.

 8) Nami Matsuyama and Chiharu Shida: The Japanese pair are currently ranked 2 in the women’s doubles rankings, and their recent victories include the BWF Super 1000 Indonesia Open and the BWF 1000 All England Open. They also qualified to the semi-finals of the BWF Super 750 Denmark Open.

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