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Sancho's Man Utd Journey: No.7 Snub, Ronaldo, Ten Hag Standoff

Sancho's Man Utd Journey: No.7 Snub, Ronaldo, Ten Hag Standoff
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Jadon Sancho had a tough time at Man Utd. They thought he'd be amazing, but it didn't work out. They wanted him for a long time and finally got him for a lot of money. But things went downhill.

First, they promised him the No.7 jersey, but then Cristiano Ronaldo came, and Sancho had to wear a different number. Ronaldo became the star, and Sancho got less playing time.

He struggled even when he played and had issues with the manager, Erik ten Hag. Sancho got better for a while but then fell out of favor again. He trained alone and had problems with the coach. It didn't get better, and they had a big fight.

Sancho refused to say sorry, and the team banned him from training with them. He ate alone and couldn't use the team facilities. His behavior has been a problem before, and now it's affecting his career.

Now, after spending a lot of money, Man Utd is letting him go back to Dortmund. They lost money, and people are not happy with how they handled things. The only good thing is that they have a young player named Alejandro Garnacho who might do well.

Sancho's future is uncertain, and his time at Man Utd ended on a sad note.

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