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Formula 1 goes green

Formula 1 goes green
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F1 racing has long had to deal with allegations of being environmentally unfriendly, with the huge amount of fuel emissions associated with each match. With new regulations regarding next generation engines, expected to be implemented by 2026, F1 racing is set for a major environmentally inspired overhaul :


1)     New engines will not be powered by fossil fuels, and instead derive energy from non-food sources, including municipal waste and atmospheric components. Research for this is being carried in collaboration with ARAMCO.


2)     The current internal combustion engines can produce about 120 kW of energy, but on incorporation of new power unit components that can utilize the energy currently lost in braking, the new engines will be able to produce about 350 kW of energy. This is three times the current electrical power.


3)     With increase in power,  engines will also require overall less fuel, with an estimated decrease to 70 kg per car in a Grand Prix, from the 100 kg used in a race now.


4)     The new cars will also be safer, with all high voltage components enclosed in a safety cell, which is expected to reduce the chances of fire hazards.


5)     Constraints on the number and cost of components, such as expensive materials used in the construction of the cars and engine, is expected to bring costs down. Standardized components will have to be used and, not more than 3 power units per car are permitted in a single season. This is also expected to encourage innovation.


6)     The regulations are however expected to make racing trickier for the drivers, who have to maintain judicious use of fuel, as well as the behaviour of the newer cars which is expected to make negotiation of turns harder.


7)     As F1’s new objective is to reduce the amount of waste generated overall in their races, recycling will be mandatory for components like the battery, and materials like cobalt.


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