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Paolo Banchero repeats LeBron’s history with 25-5-5 debut

Paolo Banchero repeats LeBron’s history with 25-5-5 debut
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Rookie player Paolo Banchero of Orlando Magic has scripted a history-making 25-5-5 debut, a feat last achieved by LeBron James. In the opening game against the Detroit Pistons, which ended in a 113-109 defeat, Banchero scored 27 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists. The performance proves why Banchero was the Number 1 2022 NBA draft, with his dominance evident from the beginning of the game as he scored the opening 4 points, with a total of 7 points in the first quarter, and 13 points in the final quarter which included a single-handed dunk as the Magics tried to hold on. According to Banchero, he tried not to let the pressure of his NBA debut affect his performance and credited his teammates in aiding his performance by being present to transfer the ball as needed.

 Other than Banchero, the Orlando Magics had 20-plus scores from their other under-21 players including Jalen Suggs and Franz Wagner, which makes them the first team in NBA history with the achievement. According to Cade Cunningham, who was the Number 1 pick in 2021, both the Pistons and the Magic are young teams looking to make their way to the top of the league, and the match between the two signals their growing potential. As the game’s leading scorer, Banchero also impressed his teammates, with Jalen Suggs expressing excitement at the prospect of teaming up with Banchero in upcoming matches, as they continue to “ride” and “grow” together as a team.

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