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Spoogle is an inclusive, comprehensive and widespread platform for sports information, sports statistics and fan engagement. It is one of the largst repository of sports related data and statistcs in the world with statistical data spanning over 150 years of sporting history and across more than 50 plus sports.

The platform comprises of the website, several mobile apps and many interactive and engaging sections for sports fans to get engaged, participate and consume information.

Spoogle includes (but not limited to) sports news and stories from across the sporting world, polls, statistical databases, forums for user participation and much more.

We try to keep the content across the website as fresh as possible with regular hourly updates of the various sections. Our vision and motto is to delight our users with our content, statistcs and interactive segments.

Event Calendar

Feb 7
7 Feb 2023 - 11 Nov 2023 Copa Libertadores
Mar 5
5 Mar 2023 - 10 Sep 2023 IndyCar Series
Mar 30
30 Mar 2023 - 1 Oct 2023 Major League Baseball season
May 20
20 May 2023 - 11 Jun 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup
May 29
29 May 2023 - 5 Jun 2023 French Open
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