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Top 10 Greatest French Premier League players - including Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea icons.

Top 10 Greatest French Premier League players - including Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea icons.
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Top 10 Greatest French Premier League players - including Man Utd, Arsenal, and Chelsea icons.

Over the years, France has provided the English Premier League with so many top talents, it is almost impossible to single out the 10 best and put them into a lineup.

One thing that is beyond reproach, though, is that amongst this list of talents are some of the greatest players ever to have graced the English top flight.

Few nations outside of England's borders have been able to provide top-level talent into the ranks of the Premier League better than one of England's historic rivals.

In the following list, these are some magnificent players who made the short journey through the Tunnel to illuminate the English game and come up to have graced the Premier League's grounds.

Eric Cantona

Clubs: Leeds (1992-93), Man Utd (1992-93-1996-97)

Premier League record: 156 appearances, 70 goals, 56 assists

Eric Cantona's time in England was a combination of sublime football, baffling quotes, and explosive moments of madness.

A four-time Premier League and two-time FA Cup winner with Manchester United, Cantona is to this day one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s best signings as United coach.

The Frenchman makes the top of this list as the most iconic French player to ever play in the Premier League. A benchmark for all those who came after him.

Claude Makelele

Clubs: Chelsea (2003-2008)

Premier League record: 144 appearances, 2 goals, 4 assists

Between 2003 and 2008, Claude Makelele was the heart of the Chelsea side that rose to prominence in the Premier League.

He left having won two Premier League, one FA Cup, and two League Cup titles in his time at Stamford Bridge. 

N'Golo Kante

Clubs: Leicester (2015-16), Chelsea (2016-present)

Premier League record: 222 appearances, 12 goals, 16 assists

Viewed as the second coming of Makelele but certainly did not have a reputation that preceded him, N'Golo Kante was integral in Leicester City's magical run to Premier League honors before moving to Chelsea. Later became one of the most decorated Blues in club history on account of his collection of continental winners' medals.

Thierry Henry

Clubs: Arsenal (1999-2007; 2011-12)

Premier League record: 258 appearances, 175 goals, 74 assists

A close second to Cantona is Thierry Henry. The former Monaco and Juventus man arrived at Highbury relatively unheralded after a quiet spell in Italy, but he left the Emirates as a legend.

In his time in the Premier League, Henry captured the imagination of English football with exquisite goals and sublime skill. He also led Arsene Wenger's Gunners side of the early 2000s to back-to-back titles, including the Invincibles season, and three FA Cup triumphs, as well as a Champions League final.

His achievements with the French national team matched his domestic exploits, with Henry joining the club as a 1998 World Cup winner and leaving a Euro 2000 champion.

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