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Why is Barca’s relationship with Bayern Munich on the rocks?

Why is Barca’s relationship with Bayern Munich on the rocks?
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The Spanish and German giants have played each other on several occasions during the last few years at the UEFA Champions League. However, their relationship is known to have soured, and representatives from both teams recently met to discuss a strategy to mend relations. There are several reasons as to why this has occurred. Firstly, Barcelona were enthusiastic proponents of the European Super League idea that had been floated by top tier teams including Real Madrid and Juventus. This did not sit well with Bayern Munich, who along with other critics felt the league would promote an elitist monopoly. Barcelona, on the other hand have not forgotten Bayern’s attempt at a hostile acquiring of Pedri in 2020, before he had played a single match for the Spanish legends. This had also corroded the trust between the two teams.

 The equation between the two clubs deteriorated further while finalizing the terms of the transfer of Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich to Barcelona, in the summer. Moreover, the subsequent comments from Munich’s manager Julian Nagelsmann’s regarding Barcelona’s transfer tactics signaled further loss of goodwill. However, according to reports, both clubs are on their way to a reconciliation. Barcelona next face the German champions on their home ground, and after five straight losses, will be looking to a register a win this time.

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