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Hardik Pandya : India’s all-rounder

Hardik Pandya : India’s all-rounder
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Hardik Pandya is a versatile cricketer, comfortable in many roles. In September 2018, he had to exit a match against Pakistan in a stretcher due to back pain.This raised questions about his future as a bowler in the Indian cricket team, and the effect this would have on team dynamics.However, Pandya reinvented himself, and delivered an uncharacteristically fast-paced, short ball to Mohammed Rizwan, curving the same back that he had injured four years ago.

 Furthermore, Pandya’s role as a bowler was uncertain up until February 2022, with no confirmation from the bowler himself about his future in bowling.At the T20 World Cup, the 28-year-old had focused on being a batter, but this was to undergo a change.

He underwent extensive training – away from social media – to focus on all round development in the sport. He also conquered mental barriers, such as the reluctance to wear a chest guard, as a defense against short balls.

 The new Hardik Pandya that emerged from the training, was a force to watch out for. At the IPL, he displayed his skills as a batter across all three categories – on the top, in the middle and as a finisher. He was also an adept bowler, calm and precise.

This all-rounder was the version at play, in India’s match against Pakistan on Sunday night. All three of the wickets he claimed, came off short balls, and touched speeds at higher than or equal to 140 kph.

However, Hardik Pandya also had to show up as a batter for India, who was chasing a challenging target, and his three fours in the 19th steadied India’s position.

 The final runs that were needed to win the match, required a calm decision-making that has been associated in the past, with M S Dhoni. With six runs needed off 3 balls, Pandya’s effortless six, sealed India’s deal and showed his confidence in the high-pressure moment. With his skills in batting, bowling, and his ability to rediscover himself, Hardik Pandya may well be the man the Indian team needs right now.

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