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The records Erling Haaland could beat

The records Erling Haaland could beat
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With 9 goals in 5 games, Erling Haaland has delivered performances at this season of the Premier League that have broken all expectations. A potential contender for the Golden Boot, here are some records that he could well break this season:


1)  Most goals in 38 games: This record is currently held by Mohammed Salah, with 32 goals in the 2017-18 season, which beat Luiz Suarez’s record of 31 goals in the 2013-14 season. With 9 goals already, Haaland is currently on track to surpass Salah’s 32 goals, which coupled with Manchester City’s domination on the field, gives him a fighting chance to break the record.


2) Best goals to minutes ratio: This record is currently held by Sergio Aguero, who averaged 108 mins per goal, which amounts to approximately one goal per game. In comparison, Haaland has managed the phenomenal ratio of one goal every 43 minutes. However, this is expected to slow down, as one goal in every half of a match will be an unrealistic target to sustain. Theoretically though, if he were to sustain his current rate, he would break Aguero’s record – which took him 6 years – in 2 years. His current rate aside, even if Haaland averages one goal every 90 mins, it will be a record tough to challenge.


3) Highest number of hat-tricks: The current record for an individual season is held by Alan Shearer (5), and the overall record is held by Sergio Aguero (12). Haaland has already scored consecutive hat-tricks (the 7th player currently to do so), and thus has the potential to break the two records.


4) A Premier League Golden Boot winner, with more goals than matches played: This achievement is currently unclaimed. Harry Kane, who won the Golden Boot in 2017 for 29 goals in 30 games, came close. While other players have scored a higher number of goals, it has been over a higher number of matches as well. With Haaland’s current average of more than a goal per game, he could be the first player to achieve the record.


5) Highest number of goals at the Premier League, ever: The current record is held by Alan Shearer, with 260 goals. This is being chased by both Salah and Kane, among others, and Haaland could now be the newest addition to the list of contenders. At his current performance level, he could break this record by consistently scoring 26 goals a season. Considering, his age of 22, Haaland could well be the next holder of the coveted record.

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