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The tennis racket designed by artificial intelligence

The tennis racket designed by artificial intelligence
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The tennis racket has evolved over the ages since the days of ancient Rome. With several components including the handle, stem, the heart, and the plate of the strings, the design of the racket has changed multiple times to ensure greater ball control and impact, while the various materials have included wood, steel, aluminium alloys, carbon, and graphite.


The grip of the racket has also been adapted to the needs of players, with the one-handed backhand requiring a tighter grip. Furthermore, the weight and balance can also be varied to the advantage of the player, with those who play cross-country preferring the balance in the head, and those who play flying shots preferring the balance in the handle.


The All Design Lab has now created a racket designed by artificial intelligence, which is lighter and more resistant than the current racket. The inspiration came from asking AI text-to-image software to design a tennis racket.

What emerged was a product with a conventional top and bottom, connected by an intricate series of branches. This deviates from the traditional Y-shaped frame, which sets apart the look as well as utility of the racket.

According to the creators, the overall objective was to create a racket that would open new avenues in the sport and tell a new story. This was challenging as most rackets fulfil a similar set of characteristics, thus biasing the data that the software can sample.

However, variation in the weight and strength provided an opportunity for computer aided design to play a role in the design of this next-generation tennis racket.

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