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The Brazilian yellow jersey’s fall from grace

The Brazilian yellow jersey’s fall from grace
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The Brazilian national football team’s yellow jersey has been iconic for football fans the world over. However, as the World Cup approaches, the enthusiasm around the jersey has been less than in other years. Previously, a symbol of victory and unity, the yellow jersey has been politicized by President Jair Bolsonaro, whose far-right divisive politics have split the nation. Brazilians at odds with Bolsonaro’s brand of politics are now uncomfortable to wear the “canarinho jersey” as it is also known.


However, the Brazilian team hasn’t always worn yellow, and the national jersey was white, prior to 1953. A nationwide competition was held to design a new team kit that incorporated the colours of the national flag. Since then, the Brazilian team has donned the yellow jersey for a star-studded journey including winning the World Cup five times and the Copa America twice.Legendary players have also become synonymous with their jersey numbers such as Pele’s 10, Ronaldo’s 9, and Romario’s 11. According to experts, Bolsonaro has been using the same victories to fashion a self-serving divisive narrative that football fans have now rejected, along with the political use of the national flag. Brazilians are wary of being mistaken for subscribers to the President’s philosophy if they don the jersey or hang the flag.


However, the yellow jersey has been misappropriated earlier as well, by the military in 1970, who also used the team image and national flag. Now, demands have been voiced to decouple the yellow jersey from politics or reinstate the older white jersey.

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