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2022 Wimbledon: Changes in women's honor board for champions.

2022 Wimbledon: Changes in women's honor board for champions.
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Wimbledon’s honor list for the women's , which lists the names of winners of the tournament is all set to enter the modern world of the 21st century. Its being decided that from this year the honor list will look different. Wimbledon authority was carrying a long and old tradition since the start.

All the England Lawn Tennis Club has put forward one step towards gender equality and decided to drop the titles of "Miss" and "Mrs." used in front of female winner's names from the honor board list. The names will now exist purely by themselves, without any prefixes.

In previous years, female winner's names were displayed differently based on whether they were married or not. For example, a male tennis star such as Novak Djokovic - a six-time Wimbledon champion - has his name listed as N. Djokovic all six times. There was never a "Mr." in front of it. But  Chris Evert did not see her three titles written the same way.

"I have always used my maiden name in tennis. I began my career, became a champion, and ended my career as Chris Evert!" she expressed her thought in media. 

"As proud as I was to be married to John at the time, it was my name that deserved to be on the honor board!"

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