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Federer’s retirement plans

Federer’s retirement plans
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Roger Federer has addressed his plans post-retirement at an event for fans in Tokyo. According to him, his preferred plan is to travel to countries that he has never visited and thank fans and others who have provided support to him throughout his career. Federer’s infamous 20 Grand Slam run was brought to an end due to an injured knee, and he intends to continue playing exhibition matches once it heals.

According to the tennis legend, his knee is currently not in perfect condition, and he needs to be patient before he can resume playing tennis or any other sport. Additionally, Federer has also revealed that his non-tennis plans, include taking his four children to “slightly more adventurous” vacations, including visits to Africa, where his mother is from.

 Furthermore, he has also expressed reluctance at opening an academy, as successfully donebypeers like Novak Djokovic. The 41-year-old has rationalized his decision as one made out of consideration for the efforts and mission of the Swiss Tennis Federation, which he is an active member of, which could be disrupted by the presence of a second academy.

For now, it seems that Roger Federer is going to embark on some well-deserved rest and recovery, and then undertake a global trip, as a final encore performance, to meet those who supported him throughout his career and were inspired by it as well, including the lesser known corners of the world.

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