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The top 6 runners in men’s T20

The top 6 runners in men’s T20
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As the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup draws near, here’s looking at the best runners (between wickets) in the game today:

1) David Warner: Warner is known for his elite athleticism, which has also been encouraged by his wife who is an Ironman athlete. He is known for his 335 runs (not out) against Pakistan in the Adelaide Test of 2019-2020, of which 146 runs were scored by running between wickets. What sets his running apart from others is his ability to brake, which is key for turning around and taking the next run, and spotting opportunities where he can attempt the extra runs. Furthermore, he is also known for his physical resilience which allows him to push through the fatigue.

2) MS Dhoni: Dhoni was once challenged to a race between the wickets by Chennai Kings teammate Dwayne Bravo at a 2018 IPL, which the ex-Indian captain won. Aside from his speed,Dhoni is also known to employ the professional technique of a sprinter with his powerful strides and straight run while being able to effectively grasp his cricket bat and transfer it from one hand to another. He can also turnat the correct time, while keeping track of the fielders, and all of these have contributed to Dhoni being a competitive runner even at the age of 41.

3) Jos Buttler: After his recent comments about recalling an opponent if they were run out by a teammate in a certain fashion, and having been run out twice in his career, Buttler may be involved in some incidents involving running between wickets at the upcoming World Cup. He has also refused to appeal against field obstruction at a recent match to avoid controversy, but appeals may be a common scenario in other teams, and it will be interesting to see how the English captain responds.

4) Virat Kohli: Kohli has confessed about the trust he placed on the decision making of ex-teammate MS Dhoni and is well known for their partnership at the 2016 T20 World Cup match against Australia, where Dhoni allegedly made him run as hard as one does in a fitness test. Kohli has always been one of the fittest cricketers, with his dedication to his diet and training, which has contributed to him being a fast runner between the wickets.

5) Tristan Stubbs: Stubbs is better known for his big hits and boundaries but has demonstrated his agility on several occasions including his most recent dismissal of Moeen Ali with a tricky catch in Southampton. Aided by the intuition and quick decision making that he developed during his years playing hockey, Stubbs is a skilled run taker between the wickets and expected to continue doing so in thwupcoming season.

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