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What is sports rehab?

What is sports rehab?
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With an increase in the awareness about physical fitness, as well as an interest in participating in various sports such as jogging, yoga, and regular visits to the gym, there has been an uptick in sports related injuries.

For those involved in sports as an occupation, these injuries can be frequent, and often quite serious. These often involve the wrist, ankle, shoulders, knees, and the ACL. While treatment at a general clinic may often suffice, visiting a Sports Rehab Centre may offer a more multidisciplinary approach to recovery.

 Sports Rehab Centres focus on sports-specific medicine addressing both the body and the mind. This is very important as often injuries can result in a loss of work or play time, which can be a source of psychological distress. Sports medicine centres often involve specialists including

nutritionists, physiotherapists, sports scientists, and massage therapists. This may not always be present at a regular clinic.

 Performance enhancement, and pre-season assessment are another aspect of the services offered at these centres. Both help athletes gauge their current health status, to build on optimum potential before an event, as well as develop strategies to remain injury free.

 Such tailored regimes may also be beneficial to non-athletes who are looking to stay in good shape year round. Thus, regular visits to Sports Rehab Centres can offer benefits that surpass those available in general clinic , and physiotherapy.

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