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All the Indian sports federations in trouble due to the CoA

All the Indian sports federations in trouble due to the CoA
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The court appointed body, the Committee of Administrators (CoA) has been in the news lately for the banning of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) by FIFA. However, there are several sporting federations which can potentially come under the scanner due to their CoAs.


The CoA have been constituted to overlook the reorganization of National Sports Federations, to rewrite their constitutions, and ensure uniformity of service conditions (such as tenure) and compliance with the National Sports Development Code. As of 2022, here are the NSFs under the authority of a CoA.


1)     Football –The SC had put the AIFF under the influence of the CoA this year. Since then, the AIFF has been banned by the FIFA for third party interference in it’s running, which is in violation of it’s policy of no influence from the judiciary or other political circles, on the NSF.


2)     Indian Olympic Association-  In 2012, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA)- which overlooks team selection for the Olympics, Asian and Commonwealth Games, was suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for corruption amongst officials and government interference. Recently, the IOC have threatened suspension again if the IOC does not hold elections soon. Meanwhile, the IOA have also been placed under a CoA


3)     Hockey – Hockey India was placed under a CoA soon after the AIFF. However, this decision has been supported by the International Hockey Federation, who have fiven the go-ahead to the CoA to finalise the constitution and electoral process.


4)     Table Tennis- After allegations of match fixing, the Delhi HC placed the Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) under a CoA. However, the CoA was then sued for selecting a player who did not fulfill the eligibility criteria for the Commonwealth Games. This has since been resolved.


5)     Equestrian – The Equestrian Federation of India (EFI) also currently has a court appointed observer, after continuous infighting for several years. This NSF is currently awaiting elections.

6)     Chess – According the SC, the appointment of the Secretary of the All India Chess Federation (AICF) violated sports norms. He was allowed to continue due to the Chess Olympiad that was due to be held soon. However, there is potential room for a CoA to be constituted.


7)     Judo – The Delhi HC appointed the administrator of the Judo Federation of India (JFI), after allegations surfaced regarding disputes amongst office bearers. It remains to be seen if a court appointed head is permissible under international regulations.


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