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Kohli: "My preparation is always the same, my intention is always the same"

Kohli: "My preparation is always the same, my intention is always the same"
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Between November 2019 and September 2022, Kohli did not score a single international century. He ended the drought with his maiden T20I century during the Asia Cup last year. The latest came against Sri Lanka in the first ODI in Guwahati.

"One thing I learned is that frustration gets you nowhere," Kohli said after receiving the player of the match award. “The game still remains very simple. This is when we start complicating things with our own attachment, our desires, our self-attachment to the point of view of the people we become, not who we are. were when we used to pick up the bat or the ball. We started playing. I think when that attitude is gone, you start putting yourself in a place where everything just keeps going downhill .

"I can't hold on to things. The game is going to move on, it's going to continue, many players have played in the past. I'm not going to play forever. So what I'm trying to do is, Who am I trying to protect? So those were all the things that I felt. I'm in a happy place [now]. I'm just enjoying my game and as long as I play, I'm just playing for fun. want to play along."

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