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Cleveland Cavaliers: 3 factors that could help them win a title

Cleveland Cavaliers: 3 factors that could help them win a title
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Currently, the Cleveland Cavaliers boast 4 All-Star quality players, and are a young team, with their oldest starting player being the 26-year-old Mitchell. While the team cannot be counted as title contenders yet, there are 3 factors which could bring them closer to that goal:


1)The development of Evan Mobley: The Cavaliers need a champion shooter to be title contenders. While Mitchell has proven to be a dynamic shooter, he can be ranked between 15-23, among current players. However, the player with potential to make the Cavaliers a championship worthy team is Evan Mobley. During his rookie career, he has already shown his defensive, finishing and passing skills, with an average of 15 points per game, and was almost selected for the All-Defensive Team. However, to be a champion, Mobley needs to improve on his attacking skills, and bring them on par with his defence. This includes improving on jump shots, and creativity in shot creation. While there are some minor hurdles to him being signed by the Cavaliers just yet, the 21-year-old has a lot to offer the team.


2) A high-quality defence:An elite defensive wing isa must for all top teams. The leaders of the Eastern Conference boast of players such Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Khris Middleton, James Harden, Jimmy Butler, Pascal Siakam, and Scottie Barnes. To match up to these defensive players, Cleveland has to shape up itsback wing, which currently consist of Mitchell and Garland, who are better at their offence, but can be a weak link in the defence. While Mobley can play a major role in plugging that gap, the Cavaliers must think creatively to construct an elite defensive trio.


3) Retain Donovan Mitchell: After the expiry of the 3 remaining years on his contract, it is possible that Mitchell will change teams. It is known that he had originally wanted to play for the New York Knicks or the Miami Heat but had nonetheless been excited on being chosen for Cleveland.As a dependable team-player, who shares good rapport with those on and off the court, it is in Cleveland’s interest to retain Donovan for the future.

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