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Is Serena returning to tennis?

Is Serena returning to tennis?
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Serena Williams recently retired from professional tennis, with the US Open being her final tournament. However, the tennis legend has dropped repeated hints about a comeback, as it becomes clear that the 41-year-old is keen to continue playing tennis.

Williams revealed in a recent interview that she has been practicing tennis in her court at home, and that her connection to the game has not broken even if she isn’t training to win tournaments, and notably used the word ‘evolution’ instead of ‘retirement’ in her final announcement at the US Open.

She has previously also indicated that the chances of playing at the 2023 Australian Open, while less, are not zero as she figures out how to "explore a different version of Serena".

Since then, at an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Williams was asked if she would repeat Tom Brady’s feat, who famously ‘un-retired’ and made his comeback to American football, which Serena went on to describe an “amazing trend”.

Meanwhile, sister Venus Williams has hinted that Serena, who has 14 doubles Grand Slam titles to her name and is known for her versatility, could evolve into a full-time doubles player as well. However, a return to professional tennis still looks unlikely for Serena who has indicated her desire to spend more time with family while also leading her new venture capital firm, Serena Ventures.

It remains to be seen if the tennis legend can script a short-term return, such as in the form of a special appearance at a Major.

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