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5 reasons for Chelsea’s struggles

5 reasons for Chelsea’s struggles
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Chelsea’s troubles show no signs of abating. With their most recent 1-2 loss against Southampton, there is clearly a lot of work to be done. So far, the London giants have two wins, one draw and two losses at the Premier League, which is unexpected for a team that finished third in the table last season. Here are five reasons for the team’s lacklustreperformance:

  Vacuum in the midfield – A reason for Chelsea giving away 8 goals this season, is the lack of creativity in the midfield. While Raheem Sterling created opportunities against Southampton, they could not be    converted. In the past, Chelsea have had dynamic midfielders like Frank Lampard and Cesc Fabregas,  andthe current squad has come up short, so far.

  Absence of a striker–With the loss of strikers like Timo Werner, and Romelu Lukaku, it is time for Chelsea to sign a suitable replacement. Moreover, the summer transfer window is over, leaving open         questions. According to initial reports however, talks are on for a deal with Barcelona’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

 A shaky defense –The dependable Reece is currently saddled with the duty of keeping the defense alive, with the exit of Emerson, Malang Sarr and Antonio Rudiger. However, he was sick for Chelsea’s   match against Southampton, and had to be filled in by the 35-year-old captain, Azpilicueta who faltered. With transfer rumours linked to centre-backs Wesley Fofana and JoskoGvardiol, Chelsea is hoping   to reinstate a younger, competent defense.

   Jorginho’s troubles–Jorginho’s struggle in the defense have added to Chelsea’s woes, which also accounts for why coach Thomas Tuchelgenerally resorts to a three centre-back formation. Similarly,     Ruben Loftus-Cheek has also been unable to produce any creative chances, leading to more predictability in Chelsea’s performance.

  Kante’s injury– Kante’s injury has been a crucial reason for Chelsea’s vulnerability. As oneof the world’s best defensive midfielders, his absence created a hole in the midfield that none could compensate     for.


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