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Is Qatar ready to host the World Cup?

Is Qatar ready to host the World Cup?
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Qatar is gearing up to host the 2022 World Cup in 2 months. The Gulf nation has invested heavily in infrastructure for the event, including the construction of stadiums, five lane highways, and a metro rail network worth $36 billion. But is Qatar ready to host its first World Cup, which is also the first one to be held in the Middle East in a few weeks?

 Qatar has constructed 7 new stadiums, the last of which is the Lusail Iconic Stadium, which hosted a friendly between Egypt’s Zamalek and Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahly. It will also host the World Cup final and was designed by the same architects who designed Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium. The other stadiums are also works of art including the Al-Bayt Stadium and the Al Janoub which are shaped like pearls. However, while transportation has been taken care of, with the longest route between 2 stadiums being not more than an hour, other facilities for fans have not been completely arranged for yet. This includes insufficient accommodation, and the areas around the stadiums consisting of barren desert or construction sights and car parks. Hence, if fans need to visit a café or a hotel, they will need to travel miles.

 Qatar’s alcohol policy may also not be a hit with fans. Visitors are not allowed to bring their own alcohol or consume it during a match. However, it will be available for purchase before and after a match, at the stadiums and luxury hotels. Moreover, being caught with alcohol can attracts a 6-month prison sentence and $800 fine. Qatar has also ensured that all stadiums, except for one, are fully air-conditioned so fans will not have to battle the desert heat. This will be achieved by cooling vents that pump out cool air for the fans, and larger vents running alongside the field, for the players. It remains to be seen how effective the cooling is, as well as how much electricity it can consume.

 Security is a matter of concern in major sporting events and Qatar is partnering with UK’s RAF, who will conduct patrols during matches, and the US Army base at Al Udeid, who will provide additional support. Overall, Qatar has the infrastructure in place for the World Cup and facilities for fans forms the bulk of the pending work

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