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How To Get Rich As An NBA MASCOT!

How To Get Rich As An NBA MASCOT!
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How To Get Rich As An NBA MASCOT!

NBA mascots are one of the most entertaining parts of the fan experience during games. However, it is rarely talked about how much money these mascots make. 

According to a report it was revealed that the Denver Nuggets mascot "Rocky the mountain lion" is the highest-paid mascot in the NBA. His annual salary is reportedly $625,000, which is more than many professional athletes around the world.

Meanwhile, Atlanta Hawks' mascot "Harry the Eagle" comes in second with an annual salary of $600,000.

It's worth noting that both Rocky and Harry earn much more than the average salary of an NBA mascot.

What does an NBA mascot do besides entertain the fans during a game?

The NBA teams have different engagement terms for their entertainers or court hype masters, as some have called them. Most are involved in marketing activities outside the basketball court, contributing to their earnings. Find out the NBA mascot salary for various squads.

What does it take to become an NBA mascot?

To begin with, NBA mascots are not required to have any special abilities. NBA mascot tryouts are very casual affairs in which you must simply be yourself.

You'll have to entertain a panel of judges and fans through your unique talents and abilities.

Becoming an NBA mascot typically involves a combination of creativity, performance skills, and networking. But in reality, becoming an NBA mascot is a lot harder than most people realize.

Physical fitness and ability to entertain at a high-level

Mascots must also be physically fit and able to perform many different entertainment acts including acting, dancing, comedy and gymnastics. Most of these acts take hours and hours of practice and coordination.

Some of the most notable athletic acts include mascots dunking from a trampoline or making shots from the half-court. Such acts make mascots like Rocky the mountain lion crowd favorites.

Knowledge of NBA and social media trends

Finally, NBA mascots must have knowledge of both the NBA and social media trends to ensure the entertainment they provide is as relevant as possible.

Overall, it's clear it takes a lot of dedication and preparation to become an NBA mascot. So knowing all of this, it's not really surprising that the top mascots earn so much.

NBA mascot salary list

Some teams have gained popularity for paying their mascots above the average rate. These individuals enjoy enviable perks and benefits for their role. 

Here are some of the top NBA team mascot salaries: 

Denver Nuggets

You might wonder, who is the highest-paid NBA mascot? Rocky, the Mountain Lion, of the Denver Nuggets, is the top-earning mascot. 

The NBA Nuggets mascot salary is a whopping $625,000 annually. Rocky has held this position since 1993.

Besides his appearances at Nuggets' games, the top NBA mascot earner charges roughly $750 for a one-hour visit.

Atlanta Hawks

Harry the Hawk is Atlanta Hawk's mascot, making $600,000 annually. He charges $500 for special appearances and is the team's head of Community Relations on and off the court. These added responsibilities contribute to his overall pay.

Chicago Bulls

Benny the Bull, the Chicago Bulls mascot, is among the most famous in the NBA. His annual salary is $400,000, and he has been part of the crew since 1969.

Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns mascot, Go the Gorilla, takes home an estimated $200,000 annually. He has served the team since 1980 and has grown to become one of the famous mascots in the National Basketball Association.

Charlotte Hornets

Hugo the Hornet was created in 1988 and is Charlotte Hornets' mascot. Previously, he worked for the New Orleans Pelicans (between 1988 and 2013). He joined the Charlottes in 2014. The yearly salary for the NBA mascot is an estimated $100,000.


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