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The indomitable Bajrang Punia.

The indomitable Bajrang Punia.
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Bajrang Punia has given a fitting reply to his doubters after winning a bronze, which is his fourth medal at the World Championships. While he has been repeatedly faulted for his ankle, and the faulty defense that arises from it, Punia was able to use his strengths and successfully overpower his opponent, Sebastian Rivera who failed to exploit Punia’s weaknesses. By keeping his ankle out of reach, the 28-year-old was able to prevail and end the match in a 11-9 victory. This adds to the wrestlers list of victories, which currently lacks the World Championship Title.

 Punia’s victory represents a fitting response to doubters who have long viewed his performances as a function of his weaknesses. However, all comparisons to younger and fitter wrestlers are now rested, with proof of his composite skill in wrestling. While losing many points to his much-maligned leg, he has demonstrated that he can convincingly win despite his weaknesses, and even exploit it in his favor. The predictability of Punia’s poor ankle defense caused his opponent to make the crucial folly of overdependence, as he had an ill-prepared response to Punia’s ankle being out of reach. This allowed Punia to capitalize on his strengths and catch his opponent off guard and emerge victorious.

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