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What is the controversy surrounding ex-Indian hockey coach Sjoerd Marijne’s book?

What is the controversy surrounding ex-Indian hockey coach Sjoerd Marijne’s book?
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Ex-Indian hockey coach Sjoerd Marijne is set to release his book “Will Power: The Inside Story of the Incredible Turnaround in Indian Women’s Hockey” on Sep 21. However, the book has already attracted negative feedback, with the Delhi HC intervening to prevent Marijne and his publisher from publishing sensitive medical information about a player. Hockey India is also in the process of suing Marijne for his portrayal of the men’s team captain Manpreet Singh.

 Trouble started for Marijne when player Gurjit Kaur approached the judiciary to prevent the release of the book, as it contained confidential information about her medical condition, which Marijne was bound by a code of conduct to not disclose, as the coach of the Indian hockey team. This code also binds players from revealing information about one another. Marijne is also in hot water over his allegation that Manpreet Singh asked team-mates to play less well, so that his friends may get a chance at selection. Both players, as well as Hockey India have expressed displeasure at Marijne’s apparent attempt at slander of the Indian team for commercial gain. According to the petitioners, if Marijne’s accusations against Manpreet are true, they should have been reported earlier to Hockey India or the Sports Authority of India.

 Marijne’s career in India includes an unsuccessful stint as the coach of the men’s hockey team for 9 months, and the coach of the women’s hockey team who won fourth place at the Tokyo Olympics.

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