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India vs Pakistan: Top 10 Historic Moments

India vs Pakistan: Top 10 Historic Moments
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The rivalry between India and Pakistan transcends cricket, shaping moments etched in history. From fierce showdowns to iconic plays, here are the unforgettable highlights from their clashes over the years:

10. Neck-and-Neck in '89: A nail-biting encounter in Hyderabad saw  India and Pakistan tie with 212 runs each, marked by a controversial run-out and an unnoticed fielding fault.

9. Pakistan's Thrilling Chase: In 2007, Pakistan pulled off a remarkable victory, chasing down India's 322 with just one ball and four wickets to spare.

8. Kohli's Brilliance in 2012: Virat Kohli's masterful 183 runs against Pakistan in the Asia Cup remains one of his standout performances, leading India to victory in a daunting chase.

7. Afridi's Heroics: Shahid Afridi's explosive innings secured Pakistan's win in the 2014 Asia Cup, hitting two consecutive sixes in the final over.

6. The Dramatic Bowl-Out: In the 2007 ICC Twenty20 World Cup, India clinched victory in a bowl-out after a thrilling tie, leaving Pakistan trailing.

5. Miandad's Jumping Saga: Javed Miandad's animated response to Kiran More's appeals during the 1992 World Cup became an enduring image of Indo-Pak matches.

4. Pathan's Hat-Trick: Irfan Pathan's historic hat-trick in the first over of a Test match left Pakistan reeling at 0/3 in 2006.

3. Prasad's Revenge: Venkatesh Prasad's retaliatory wicket against Aamer Sohail in the 1996 World Cup remains etched in Indian cricket folklore.

2. T20 World Cup Final Drama: The inaugural T20 World Cup final saw India triumph over Pakistan in a nerve-wracking encounter, captained by MS Dhoni's tactical brilliance.

1. Sachin's Stunning Debut: Sachin Tendulkar's explosive debut in an exhibition match at Peshawar, marked by sixes off Abdul Qadir, remains a legendary moment in cricket history.

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