Paris Olympics 2024: Games Chief Promises 'Unprecedented' Security Measures.

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Paris Olympics 2024: Games Chief Promises 'Unprecedented' Security Measures.

Tony Estanguet, the head of Paris 2024, assures that the upcoming Games will be safeguarded by an "unprecedented" security setup. He also mentions that the preparations are progressing well and everything is on track.

As the Olympics countdown hits 100 days, Tony Estanguet emphasizes the need for caution, acknowledging the unpredictable nature of such events in the final stretch. 

However, he expresses confidence in the preparations, stating he is pleased with their progress.

Estanguet assures the public regarding safety, calling it a top priority that cannot be compromised. He highlights the significance of the Olympics for France and their determination to showcase their best to the world.

Despite mounting concerns and criticisms, Estanguet remains calm and focused, drawing on advice from Seb Coe, the chief of London 2012, who mentioned that challenges tend to intensify in the final days. 

Estanguet's message remains one of readiness and excitement to welcome the world to Paris.