Confrontation Fuels Djokovic's Dominance on the Court.

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Confrontation Fuels Djokovic's Dominance on the Court.

Whatever you do, don't make Novak Djokovic angry. Chances are, that's exactly what he wants. The Serbian tennis legend thrives on confrontation, using it as fuel to elevate his game to extraordinary levels. 

When challenged, Djokovic's determination and competitive spirit become unstoppable forces, propelling him to new heights on the court.

Agitating the seven-time Wimbledon champion, as some Centre Court fans did on Monday, seems to ignite his relentless drive for victory.

The 37-year-old Serbian star accused fans of disrespect during his fourth-round win, claiming they used the chanting of his opponent Holger Rune's surname as "an excuse to boo."

"If there were people in the crowd trying to antagonise him and wanted Rune to win, that's the worst thing you can do," former Wimbledon semi-finalist Tim Henman told BBC Sport. "He loves the confrontation. He thrives off that energy. And he plays better. He destroyed Rune."

Henman added, "If you want to try and upset Djokovic's performance, you should just sit quietly."

On Wednesday, Djokovic returns to the same evening slot on Centre Court for his quarter-final against Australia's Alex de Minaur.